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Realm of Disorder

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ROD Reviews!

“Realm of Disorder”. An album of 13 well crafted tunes that you can feel their power charging right out of your speakers by the first note of “Killing the Machine” which opens the album. Well structured harsh synths and heavy beats, high energy rhythms and catchy melodies, “Realm of Disorder” bring EBM/industrial to a whole new level. Having an excellent production and a sound that is almost cinematic, the new Sonik Foundry album was made to make you crawl out of your skin and melt into the rhythm"
- Wicked Spins

"Sonik Foundry delivers an expertly produced & energetic album; devastatingly brutal & vicious. The question is; can they raise the bar to compete with the explosive electro-charged previous album: ‘Chaos?’ Twelve tracks & one mother f@#king remix later; the answer is obvious. Of course they f@#king can! Prepare your soul to be beaten & bruised beyond recognition by Sonik Foundry’s long player: Realm Of Disorder. Discordia in the form of a tidal wave has arrived upon the shore of the SF coastline & is wrecking everything that stands in its path. Brace yourself for impact!"
- Hooded Stranger

"This is a superb album, which blends a variety of cross-spectrum influences which, like all of the artist’s previous works, take you on a journey through every aspect, every corner, of your psyche while keeping you consistently entertained with irresistibly engaging EBM sounds. if you liked any of his previous work, you’ll love this, head and heart"
-Grave Concerns Ezine

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